Throwback to when I graced the mighty Victoria Falls

Somewhere in the rain forest

Nothing like a getaway to refresh one’s soul. There is something amazing that a vacation does to one’s spirit. It could be a great way to refresh and let loose after months of being busy or the other way round; traveling could jog your brain and bring inspiration.

I remember the one time I travelled to Victoria Falls in my home country, Zimbabwe and today I want to take you with me down memory lane. If you didn’t know already, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is one of the seven wonders in the world, so, yeah; it is a big deal.

A friend and I decided to go on a mini vacation in a small town, Victoria Falls. Best decision of our lives! I had been to the place before but it had been many years and memories were starting to fade away and it had always been with family. So, it was exciting to go back under different circumstances this time. 

We went by bus and the road distance is between 434-436km. its quite a tedious journey, sitting for 5-6hrs but its friendly on the pocket as the bus is quite affordable. However, I would suggest a luxury coach so that you are guaranteed of comfort. Nothing like discomfort to dampen the mood for the whole trip, so, if you can help it; do travel as comfortably as possible – don’t go for too cheap. 

Anyway, we left with the morning bus and this was in December and the festive mood was already kicking in, hard. We left at 9a.m even though the bus was set to leave at 7. I know! We got to Victoria falls around 4p.m and the excitement was already high. We checked in at the hotel, Kingdom Hotel; fancy! We freshened up and baby we were ready to go see the little of the city we could before it got late. 

First stop was food. We were famished; we had to fuel up. We went to the famous 3 monkeys restaurant. Nice set up with open space and cool vibes. The restaurant also serves alcohol soooo, its great. We ordered we ate and we drank. We spent quite some time there so that’s the only place we managed to get to that day. 

The next day was the most exciting because we were going to the falls. There are exciting activities to do in Vic Falls but they are quite pricey. Victoria Falls is an expensive town and rightfully so, I mean it houses one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Zimbabwe, Africa too. But that doesn’t mean you cant go about it with a low budget, we did, you can too. 

We hit the falls and it was breath taking! Looking at the roaring water fall down continuously and feeling the cold fresh breeze together with the water droplets on your skin was all I needed at that time. We followed the trail, taking pictures and marvelling at the beauty that is God. Because, really, looking at that scenic view is like directly looking at the creator.  There was a rainbow even and it was as though I could touch it. Marvellous. 

Remember this was in December and this is the rainy season in Zimbabwe. When we left the hotel it looked as though it would rain but we were willing to take the chance because it was either braving the weather and hoping it rains after we had toured the falls or we lose out on the experience because we weren’t there for a long time – and the later was a non-starter.

Funny story, during the tour it got so cloudy and dark. It was going to rain and it definitely wasn’t going to be after the tour. Luckily, we had rented raincoats by the entrance. Yes, raincoats are rented out but its ridiculously cheap. Reason behind the raincoats is that there are parts on the trail were the falling water actually rains on you, which is why it is called the rainy forest. Anyway, speaking of the forest, it got cloudy and dark and this is a forest so you can imagine what it got like. We were the only ones at the specific part of trail we were at, it was dark and bushy and we are just two girls – it was a horror movie. We debated about going back to the front/starting point (reception area) which was still closer because we had just started with the tour. Final verdict was we will just continue but be fast about it, so that we can hopefully finish before it actually starts raining. Boy! Did it not rain and at the last minute. Yoh! It started raining on the last stretch back to the reception and the falls were already behind us. We had to wait at the reception until it stopped raining. 

Myself and beautiful friend 😌

Because we only had one full day in Victoria Falls, we booked for a sunset cruise for the very same day. We were bound to leave for Bulawayo the next morning. There are various companies that offer sunset boat cruise – it all depends on the depth of your pockets. Like I already said, we were functioning on a tight budget and as such, we got what suited our pocket. It was still a good boat, secure and safe to cruise on the mighty Zambezi River. They had life jackets as well. It was beautiful to watch the sun set on the big river whilst sipping on something something. We saw some hippos and whilst that was cool, it was also quite scary for me because I have an imagination that works overtime. It was just the two of us on the boat, so we had the whole boat to ourselves. We had a cruise guide who amongst many things he said, showed us the Zambian border. The Zambezi River lies between Zimbabwe and Zambia by the way.

After that was done, we got dinner went back to the hotel and swam the night away. Well not the whole night but we did that as well. Important to say though that I am not a swimmer so by saying “swimming” I actually mean immersing myself in water, walking, playing around and repeat.

Bar area at Kingdom hotel

There are a lot of activities to do in Vic Falls but they need money. For example, there is bungee jumping (which I will never do), helicopter rides over the falls and the Zambezi River, there’s the croc farm and a whole lot more.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the place. I just need to go back there with better finances the next time and share more stuff to do. That one full day in the place was amazing and I would do it all over again.


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