Hello and Goodbye

Hey Family!

Its been a minute and some, I hope you’re all doing great. I could be better.

I don’t have much to say but this serves as a goodbye post but most importantly a thank you post as well.

Since getting back on the blogging horse in 2020 due to Covid-19 and having a lot of free time on my hands, the support and love has been great. I appreciate the comments, the follows, shares and for reading my nonsense. I thank you for motivating me to keep on keeping on. For the concern when a long time went on without posting, I appreciate all of you. 

Sadly, this marks as my last post. I am happy to have walked this journey on here, its been great. Since 2015 on WordPress, that’s a long ass time!

I am happy, however, to proudly announce that this is my last post on my WordPress site BUT it is not the end of my blogging journey. I am hoping that from here onwards, I grow as a blogger and bless you with exciting content worth your precious time.

So, *DRUMROLL*… I am moving from this site to a new one, my OWN website. This is a big deal for me and rightfully so. I hope we will engage more, and you will do the great move with me. We are family after all, so we should move together fam. 

I have been quiet for the longest time, my last post was in March; I think. A loooot has been going on and I would very much like to share with you on what has been happening. Let’s catch up on www.fikilenomadlozi.co.zw

Again, thank you, thank you so much for the love and support; but it doesn’t have to end here. 

NB: I am not getting rid of this site just as yet (I probably won’t), I have separation issues also its my legacy please.

See you later, alligator!


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